Keuree Ganatra

Pragneshbhai is a completely reliable and accurate astrologer. His precision in his prediction in any area of life what-so-ever is so commendable. The best part about seeking his guidance is that we works with a pure intent of just helping you out and bring in some light in your life. He is a complete delight as you come back feeling absolutely light-hearted even after having a simple round of conversation with.

Bhakti Thakkar

Project Co-ordinator at Dreamsoft IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Pragnesh is a very talented, spiritual, wonderful guide and a great friend to share all your concerns which will help you to find a way out of it. His knowledge is beyond measurable and he is honored with several certificates. He is the one who is always available to help in any situation. Blessed to have Pragnesh Maharaj as my mentor throughout my life.

Dhwani Bhatt


Pragnesh Maharaj is one of the very few astrologers that I was able to connect with. He is honest, hardworking and a thorough gentleman with wisdom that can truly transform your life if you follow his advice with absolute faith and trust. His subject matter expertise is applause-worthy and I wish him all the best for all his future endeavors.