Known for being a power-house of knowledge and wisdom in the area of astrology and Vastu consultation, Pragnesh is a life-changer, source of letting love, light & universal blessings enter your life.

He promises to create a path where there exists none !

Pragnesh holds a degree of being a Falit Visharad, Jyotish Bhushan & Jyotish Bhaskar which makes him a precise horoscope analyst. This young 32 year charismatic individual devotes his life in resolving challenges and helping individuals overcome any obstacles in love, marriage, career or business. He does this through astrological predictions, pooja’s, yanga’s or at times simply by having a conversation.

It’s his passion to heal, help & guide the hurting, broken or lost souls and watch them evolve and live blissfully.
He believes in giving each one the wings to fly.


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