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Astrology - prediction & kundali analysis

The etymology of astrology is found in the Greek 'astrologia,' and is the amalgamation of two Greek words - astron, which means star - and logos, which means study. Astrology simply means studying the stars. Astrology has been known to the peoples of the ancient world for more than 5,000 years, and had been used to study how the celestial bodies affect the events, and the lives of people, on Earth. Tradition has it that astrology originated in ancient Babylon and ancient Mesopotamia before 2000 BC.
Astrology believes that our lives are influenced, our personalities are shaped, and the future course that our lives will take depends on how the celestial bodies, such as the sun, the moon, the stars and the planets, are placed when we are born.

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Kundali matching

Astrology holds that the Sun, the Moon, and the planets represent different facets of who you are and express their energies through the signs that they occupy in your birth chart. This table shows the astrological symbol for each of those celestial bodies and what it represents.
Kundali is Graphical representation of Planets at time of your Birth in a specific method developed by ancient yogis.

    Details Required for Kundli

  • Date of Birth
  • Birth Place
  • Exact Birth Time
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Vaidik pooja

Vedic Pooja are rituals where vedic mantras and purana shloka are used as chants. Vedic Yagna are rituals for pleasing and inviting all hindu deities to bless our lives.

Ganesh Yagna, Devi Yagna, Vishnu Yagna are a few Vedic Yagnas organized as an invocation for the respective deities.

Graha Shanti Pooja is conducted to neutralize the impact of Graha dosha and attract cosmic blessings of all the Graha lords.

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Bhagwat Saptaha

As the legend goes by, there was a Kuru King called Parikshit who was cursed by a Rishi and was to die in 7 days. Owing to this curse, he wanted to attain liberation / moksha so he went to Sukhdev Ji. Sukhdev Ji told him that listening to the sacred Bhagwat katha will help you attain moksha and so King Parikshit requested Sukhdev Ji to narrate the sacred katha to him. He patiently heard Shrimad Bhagwat Katha which consists of 12 chapters and 18,000 shloka. It takes about 7 / 8 days for one to complete the narration of the sacred Bhagwat Katha and walk on the path of ultimate liberation.

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Vastu Consultation

Vastu Shastra literally translates to “Science of Architecture”. These sacred textual scriptures found in India describe principles of design, layout, measurements, ground preparation, space arrangement, and spatial geometry.

Vastu Shastra basically alings the physical architecture with nature using age old ancient wisdom and knowledge about sacred geometry, sense of directions, symmetry / balance and spatial alignment.

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Yantra Siddhi

We first need the right yantra for inviting GOD and offering him/her a place to sit. Only if the foundation of this Yantra is right; the mantra and tantra will work in the right manner and produce expected results.

The place where God sits - the “sthaana” or “asana” and can also be known as a Yantra. When a devotee invites God through Vedic pooja or yagna for the fulfillment of a certain “Karya” (wishes), offering the right asana is very crucial.

Once the deity is offered the right asana, and the Vedic rituals of Mantra and Tantra are performed as per the Vedic laws, God fulfills the wishes of the devotee.

Hence yantra is the most important aspect of any “Karya siddhi” or fulfillment of one’s wishes rituals.

Now, yantra by itself is also a very strong tool for Karya siddhi or wish fulfillment. Keeping an activated Yantra around your aura or in your work or home environment can fulfill your wishes or help you grow/overcome obstacles in the area of your need.

It’s based on the science of numbers. I have studied this science in-depth and offer various yantra based solutions for any aspect of your life that needs cosmic guidance and attention Feel free to contact me and know more about Yantras and to also get your personalized yantra for transforming your life.

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